Last weekend was upgrade weekend for me.
I upgraded my Domino server from 7.0.3 to 8.0.1: flawless ! Tx IBM.
I installed the standard client on 2 machines. Again, no problem.
I also upgraded my mail files to the new 8.0.1 template, and it looks really good.
Also DWA (iNotes as I still call it), looks polished,
and the 'Lite' version has a very slick and fast UI ! (my only wish: to have a week's overview in the sidebar)
I wanted to carefully upgrade my blog, which is based on Steve Castledine's Dominoblog, but the server took care of it behind my back. It works flawlessly, and the new design is great. I do miss some features though (like a custom icon for each post). I also wanted to add a tag-cloud, which Steve bragged about, but didn't figure out how to include them. There's a lot of help available about the Dominoblog template, but I couldn't find the 'hard stuff'.

Then I upgraded my MacBook Pro from 2 to 4Gb (too bad Vista doesn't use it all).
To round things of, I replaced my internal 160Gb harddisk with a Western Digital 320Gb! Using Boot Camp left me only with about 64Gb for each of the partitions (Mac & Vista), and my free diskspace started to get really limited.
A warning to those who might do this replacement:

  • take your time to back up everything (I used SuperDuper for Mac, and WinClone on Mac for my Windows partition)
  • I connected my new 320Gb as an external USB, to 'prepare' it.
    Problem is that Boot Camp does NOT allow you to create a second partition.
    So I created the Mac-partition, and superduped everything.
    After the disks were swapped, I created a new Windows volume using Boot Camp Assistant, formatted it as NTFS (using my Vista DVD), and Wincloned my data back.
  • Ask a professional to swap the disks itself, as opening (and closing) a MacBook Pro is not for the faint of heart.
Long weekend (lots of waiting) but it gave me some time to do some administration in between !

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