Some time ago, I wrote an article about query interfaces.
Ursus, Stephan (and others) asked for the code behind it. I never made/had the time to extract the essential design elements out of usually big applications (and make it stand-alone). I finally did it.

This is what the user sees:
Image:Query Interface: the Code

Attached you'll find the database. This is what you'll find in it:

  • A subform, containing the Dialogbox above
  • An agent with the code for calling the dialogbox, doing the search, and exporting the data to a textfile
  • A 'Contacts' view containing some contacts, and the 'Export' button calling the agent
  • A hidden view 'LookupList' containing some lists
  • No form, as that's not the point here

Take a look it, and let me know:
  • if it's useful
  • what I could improve (a lot I know, as it's rather old code)
  • if you have further questions

Here's the zipped .nsf attachment:

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