LS09.jpgThis year, way more than ever before, I realized that Lotusphere is more than sessions, labs and the showcase. It's also about meeting people: speakers, lab-rats, exhibitors, peers.
Now I'm not exactly timid, nor introvert, but in all those 12 previous years, I usually came home with war stories: I had been standing close to, said hello to, shook hands with, and (imagine this) had a chat with, one of the gods (or goddesses) of Notesdom: Ed, Alan, Rocky, Bill, Bob, Maureen, ...
This year, being a blogger too, I had the privilege of exchanging some words with co-bloggers such as: Nathan, Kevin, Bruce, Alan, Thomas, Martin and Tim. I would have loved to meet Chris, Steve, Warren, Bill, Sean, Stephan, Andre, ...
Anyway, you bet it was my best Lotusphere yet !
On top of that I discovered that, when 'strangers' came up to me, just to say they "read my blog", I wasn't the only one that felt good. Now they have their 'little' story to brag about !

So here's my suggestion for next year's Lotusphere:
Let's set up a 'Meet the Bloggers' lounge:

  • Some cozy seats
  • Some laptops on a pedestal
  • Some food / drinks (hot and cold)
  • One or more sponsors
  • and a schedule, so there are always some bloggers there to meet people
It could be a hang-out in-between sessions and during 'slow' periods, open to everyone, same availability as other labs.
It certainly would increase the 'community' feeling.
Readmyblog.jpgOn top of that I would suggest that all bloggers wear a 'Read my blog' badge. Each signed with their blog's name. This way other people will be less intimidated to say hi when passing. Remember, I used to be (and still am) one of those people that wondered: 'Is that really him/her' ?

I realize this is a bit of ego-tripping (for each of us mind you), but just the fact that you can please somebody by shaking hands or returning a hello makes you feel good.
(In case you wonder: I thought about putting this idea on Idea-Jam, but decided against)

Let me know what you think.

Update: I discovered (by accident) that Ed Brill referred to this post in his blog, and a lot of people commented. Have a look. Readmyblog.jpg

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