LS2010When I was in Amsterdam, at NLLUG, I discovered a little gem from a company called Lialis. They got a cool archive solution for Notes mail. What amazed me most was that the mails remain visible in the users mail folders (unlike standard Notes archiving). It's just the 'body' (and attachments) of the mails that gets removed and archived. As soon as the user double clicks such an archived mail, it transparently opens the 'original' document. Searching can be done in both the live and the archived documents (at the same time). You can set up user profiles to (pre)define archive criteria and parameters. It's an entirely Notes/Domino based solution, so it works perfectly together with e.g. DAOS and iNotes. Take a look at their demo.
Image:Mail archiving: great solution !I normally don't 'advertise' for solutions, unless I truly find it great stuff (like e.g. Ytria's tools).
Lialis will be at Lotusphere, so pay them a visit at booth 730 (under the IONET flag).

Disclaimer: these guys don't pay me anything (although I expect a free beer at LS :-)

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