LS2009What a memorable day for me personally.
As usual I did some sessions. A quick overview:

  • Rob Novak and Viktor Kranz did a great 'Code giveaway: an incredible 'open' mashup application. Cool stuff. Go download!
  • XPages: things you can't afford to miss: Very impressive.
  • Nathan Freeman and Chris Blatnick talked about UI patterns. I expected a lot of cool things, as UI patterns have so many 'faces'. Look here ! I was rather disappointed, mainly because the 10 selected patterns were really basic.
  • John Mackey showed a prototype of 'real' application for doing surveys with XPages. As surveys are near to my hart, this was very interesting.
  • Rob McDonagh and Julian Robichaux compared 6 different JavaScript Toolkits, and gradually 'improved' an application. Very novel approach. An eye-opener for me, as I really need to dig into 1 (one) toolkit.
  • Scott Good talked about Internationalizing. Very thorough and nicely structured. I hardly learned anything, as I use most of the techniques for years, but it's always nice to be confirmed.
  • Lastly SpeedGeeking: very informative and informal at the same time. Everyone had a good time (both 5 minute speakers as audience). Just too bad there wasn't that much attendance. You miss out on some good tips if you where not there !
Just after lunch I 'tried' to do the Exam for the 8.0 Application Upgrade. I passed. Barely. This is by far the most difficult exam I ever did (I did a lot of them). 80% of the questions where about Composite applications, Web Services, DXL exporter. All stuff I hardly ever use. So I'm really, really glad I don't have to do this one again !
Later in the evening, the Teamstudio Reception ended with a big bang for me, as I actually won the Spotlight Award !
Image:Lotusphere 2009: Day 2: TuesdayAfter that a very noisily, but great diner, courtesy of IBM Belux. Laurent, thanks again for organizing. And thanks to the other diners, for an entertaining chat.
I should have written this blog last night, but I was so tired at 2.30h, that I went to bed, only to be awaken by a customer having a problem calling me at 5.00h :-(
Got a rather relax day ahead. Sure can use it.
One more thing: On the radio this morning, I heard that this could actually be the coldest day of the year !
Talk to you tomorrow.

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