Image:Another SF you really need to read
If you're into Space Opera SF, I've got a great suggestion for you:
Kevin J. Anderson wrote a 7 volume chronicle 'The Saga of Seven Suns', about a legendary war, that almost destroyed the galaxy.
It's well over 4000 pages (I read the paperbacks), but a real page-turner !
It's an intriguing, mesmerizing and satisfying read, as it involves many characters. Each short (2 to 5 pages) chapter looks through the eyes of one of the protagonists, sometimes to the same event (giving you alternate points of view).
I read all seven books in a row in about 6 weeks time. As I had to wait for the orders to arrive by mail, I read some books in between, but was eager to start the next volume.
So, if you're looking for some excellent beach/garden/couch-reading, and you're into this stuff: don't hesitate !

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