Yes indeed, there are wines 'Made in Belgium'.
The production quantity is very low (<3000 hectoliter against 60 million in France).
But it's the quality that counts, isn't it ?
I'm a member of 2 wine clubs, and each month we get together for a theme-based tasting evening. Each member is asked to do a presentation each year.
My contribution for yesterday evening was 'Belgian Wines'. I managed to get a 'collection' of 12 different wines, 4 of them are sparkling, only 1 red (which is technically speaking not even a wine, as it is made from cherries). As the climate in Belgium is rather cold for decent wine-growing (but according to Al Gore this might change in the future), white is predominant, and because 'bubbles' need less acidity, they are doing rather good. After all, Champagne is produced in the North of France too.
Image:Wines from Belgium: they exist !Image:Wines from Belgium: they exist !This is the list of my favorites:

The sparkling 'Meerdaal Brut' was OK too.
As growing wine in Belgium is relatively young, it's obvious there is some improvements to be made. But we'll get there eventually.
Sometimes you need to be chauvinistic, but ... why wasn't I born in Spain ;-)

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