LS2009After getting approval I can now share with you the (winning!) application I submitted for the Teamstudio Spotlight Award 2009. The eSurvey tool is a very flexible domino application to create, manage, deploy and analyze surveys. The application itself was developed for 'Ernst & Young', one of my customers. It remains their property, so I cannot sell or share the app itself. Note that the version of the essay I publish here contains a few more screenshots, and a slightly adapted text, as I added a few features afterwards, which I did show to the jury.
Oh yes: it works with version 6, 7, and 8 !
These were the considerations for the Teamstudio Spotlight Award:
1.        Complexity of task performed
2.        Degree of automation
3.        Size of user community
4.        Business value
5.        Creativity and innovation of design.

If I find the time, I intent to re-create eSurvey from scratch, using XPages and Dojo.
FYI: I bought 2 Dojo books in Orlando:

  • The Dojo Toolkit (Visual Quickstart Guide, Steven Holzner) from Peachpit Press: basic introduction (which I finished on the flight home)
  • Dojo: The Definitive Guide (Matthew A. Russell) from O'Reilly: very thorough. Good in-depth tutorial and reference

I just can't wait to get started ;-)
Updated: Teamstudio issued a press release.

Here's the eSurvey write-up:

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