Image:SF you really need to readI've already told you I'm a huge Fantasy and Science Fiction reader.
My most favorite SF writer is a Brit called Peter F. Hamilton. The daunting imagination this incredible world-builder has, is literally 'out of this world'.
Mind you, the average number of pages per book is easily above 700 !
His most famous 'The Night's Dawn Trilogy' (The Neutronium Alchemist, The Reality Dysfunction, The Naked God) contains so many plausible innovations, I often wish to be 'hibernated' for at least 200 years.
His latest book, the first in another trilogy is called 'The Dreaming Void' (it actually has 2 published prequels 'Pandora's' and 'Judas Unchained').
I've just finished it, and (to my horror) found out I have to wait until march 2009 for the sequel :-(

If you're looking for great Space Opera SF, and got time to spare (all his books are real page-turners, of the 'just-one-more-chapter' kind),
what are you waiting for ?

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