SnTT.gifDo me a favor and create a new form. Put 1 field on it (call it 'Data'). Make this field multi-value and set both separators to 'New Line':
Image:Return the returns
Now try out this form and enter: a return return b
Image:Return the returns
Now press F9 to recalculate (or save it if you really want).
This is the result:
Image:Return the returns
Where is the 'empty' value line ??
You did NOT enter an Input translation formula like @trim(@thisvalue).
Notes should not 'clean up' if not requested !

The reason I absolutely did not want to have these empty lines removed, is I got 3 fields next to each other (to simulate a table, without creating separate fields). Line 3 in the first field needs to match line 3 in the two other fields.
I found a way around this issue by creating a non-multi-value field (Data2), and have a invisible field called Data (multi-value), with the following formula:
Did you knew that Explode has 2 optional parameters: includeEmpties and newlineAsSeparator? I didn't! Thanks to Sven for pointing this out.
You're never to 'young' to learn something new !

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