Image:My Lotusphere Story and some none US-citizen tipsIf you're into Notes and Domino, and are not aware of a new Lotusphere blog in town, you must be living on another planet. So head over to the LotusphereBlog.
An interesting recurring topic is 'My Lotusphere Story'. A lot of known and less known individuals answer some questions regarding past Lotusphere experiences, and upcoming expectations. They also provide useful tips for 'newbies'. I was thrilled to be able to share my Story on it as well.

Some tips I forgot to mention, which are particularly useful for non-US citizen:
Look beyond the Disney premises, and go shopping.
The dollar is rather cheap, and you can find real bargains !

My favorite places to shop:

  • for books: Barnes & Noble, Borders
  • for computer related stuff and DVDs: Best-Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA (although I believe this one is no longer open)
  • regular supermarkets: Publix, K-mart
  • toys: Toys 'R Us
  • CDs: there's a great (small but stuffed) CD shop at the OBT (orange blossom trail)
  • clothing and shoes: (many outlets like) Timberland, Nike, Levi's, or unique stores like Ron Jon
  • big malls: Florida Mall, Millenia Mall, Orlando Premium Outlets, Belz Festival Bay

If you want to eat 'out', try one of these:
  • UNO (great pizza's and amber Ale)
  • Texas de Brazil (a delicious Brazilian steakhouse on the i-Drive (international drive))
  • Boston Lobster Feast (if you're into seafood, and love lobster: the all-you-can-eat offer is a bargain)
  • Kobe (a Japanese steakhouse)
In Orlando, you can find a lot of restaurants, from American steakhouses to Mexican, from Indian to Australian,...
A lot of these restaurants (and shops) have multiple locations in Orlando.
Many can be found on one of these roads: International Drive, Orange Blossom Trail, Sand Lake Road.
All the big malls have food-centers where you can have a taste of (cheap) food from all over the world.

Also try some decent American beers (instead of the colored water offered at LS events):
  • Samuel Adams (multiple flavors)
  • Killians
  • Anchor Steam
  • Pete's Wicked Ale
  • Red Hook

Any more advice ?

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