LS2010Lotusphere is my reward for a year's work.
It's 'battery charging time' to give me enough yellow juice for another year.
As a small company, it's also a rather big expense: entrance fee, flight, hotel and a week revenue loss.
But the moment I get on the plane to Orlando, I'm on my way to my second 'home': the Orlando airport, the airport shuttle train, the big ads for park attractions along the road, Mickey's 'Welcome to Disneyworld' banner, the Disney palms and immaculately cut lawns, the impressive Dolphin and Swan hotels, the friendly LS registration bots, my new backpack, but above all my 'yearly' friends and colleagues.
This is my 15th Lotusphere, and I'm still full of keen anticipation !

Here's a list of things you should not forget to do/pack (in random order):

  • Good shoes/sneakers (everyone says so, and they are right, as you'll walk a lot)
  • Picture ID (passport or driver license with your picture on it, as you need it for registering)
  • Business cards (to win stuff at the Product Showcase, and to get info sent about great products)
  • Power strip and charging adapters for your electronic stuff (mobile phone, laptop, ipod, camera,...)
  • Extra (empty) bag, in case you have amassed a lot of (paper) info, goodies, gifts, books
  • List of questions/requests to ask to the Developers ! (You can really talk directly to the Notes/Domino developers: they love to meet you)
  • An old Lotus(phere) T-shirt for the Showcase Reception on Monday evening
  • A warm sweater/fleece for the Pool-Party Welcome Reception on Sunday night (I might be cold, you'll need it)
  • A raincoat for the Disney's Hollywood Studios party on Wednesday evening (who said Florida has great weather !)
  • (Yellow) Lotus T-shirt for the flight in
  • Download The Lotusphere 2010 Agenda database by Ben Langhinrichs: study it, and plan ahead. Defining the sessions/bofs you want/need to go to is the toughest part of the conference. Don't forget to include plenty of time to visit the Product Showcase and the Labs !
  • Image:LS2010: 10 things you should not forgetIf you're a blogger and you still have one:
    your 'Read my Blog' button
    (I still have a few left, so see me, and ask for one)
  • Last but not least: bring along your good mood, great smiles, positive energy, humor, open mind, eagerness to learn

If you're a foreigner (like me), (who doesn't visit the States often):
  • Passport & electronic Visa (English for Visum)
  • List of things/gift to buy (for yourself or others) (the dollar is still rather cheap)
  • List of books to buy

P.S. You can still register your flight using the Lotusphere 2010 flight registration system on the BLUG website,

Anything to add ?

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